Welcome friend! Thank you for stopping by.

This space is for you. No matter where you are in your health or wellness journey, you have a place here. In the blog space, I love sharing my heart, my wellness tips, my love for natural products, and my travels with you. I know how it feels to see others living a healthier lifestyle and thinking it is impossible for you. I have been there. But with baby steps, and a new mindset, I promise you: wellness is possible for you and your family. You deserve that.

Our mind, body, and soul all need tending to, not one of them should ever be left out or less of a priority. I would like to help you find that balance, and point you in the direction of creating the life that you deserve. Getting out of survival mode and thriving, now that’s more like it.

In the oils space, I give a quick 101 on the tiny bottles that truly changed our lives in a lot of ways. My husband and I use them daily for wellness and after getting started with them, we were sent down a path that we never could have predicted. Being plugged into the wellness world and into the oil community was such a blessing for us.. and that’s why we share. We teach other families to create a healthier lifestyle, and financial freedom through this opportunity. I believe that building passive income is a way for all of us to thrive. We are able to spend more time with our families, our dreams, work on passion projects, and live life to our fullest potential. This is wellness, this is freedom, and this is on the table for you, just waiting for your “yes.”

I’m here to walk with you, to show you this new way, and to guide you to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Whenever you’re ready.