Your health is in your hands

Some random thoughts for you.  

Wellness seems to have this unicorn status. Has anyone actually seen it? I have a blog dedicated to it but do I have it? I guess I could say that I am on my way. I am not the same person that I was before this journey, I have actually felt the progress. My focus is living in a land of wellness and prevention, being proactive. Mind, body, and soul, don't ever leave one of those behind. It is so much easier for me these days to drop negativity, to not take things personally, and to cherish the small group of beautiful, truthful people that I have in my life. I am grateful for everything that I have and that is a huge part of what makes me happy.

My struggle right now is blending in to my old surroundings. I have been a RN for six years now, and lately I find my mind drifting at work. Why do we do things this way? Why are so many people addicted to pain medications? Why do I feel like a pill dispenser rather than someone who went into this field to help people. The other day I was listening to a commercial for a medication, I missed the first half of it, and was hearing that long list of potential side effects. Too many to remember but the one that stuck out, and was repeated several times was a weakened immune system. You must have some serious medical issue to take a medication specifically saying it is likely you'll damage your immune system.  I was in shock at the end of the commercial when I found out that the medication was for acne! Clear skin or an immune system? That's your choice? Why is it like this? What medications are you on right now that someday will be on one of those commercials.. you know, the ones with an attorney offering you help to get compensation for the harm that was done to your body

Over the years I have seen this so many times. A patient will be on a circle of medications. One for high blood pressure, then one to combat the side effects of that one, then another to help with the side effects of that one, on and on.... A new doctor seeing the patient for the first time will tell them to just stop taking all of them, and they are shocked to find that the patient has better outcomes when they are medication free! How can we know this and not think further.. It may seem crazy to question the way things are but honestly we don't really have any excuses. We all have access to the internet, and we can do our own research about anything we want. This is what led me to clean eating, seeking real, organic, whole foods, and embracing natural living. 

 I think it is so important to understand on a basic level that your health is in your hands. I am not speaking to anyone with illness/diseases out of their control, I am speaking to everyone eating "fake" food and wondering why they always feel tired/stressed/depressed. And everyone taking meds for all of their symptoms without researching the actual cause of their discomforts.  The chemicals that we ingest by our food, and put on our skin by our products weigh us down. Our organs have to filter through this garbage 24/7. Give them a break.

The best part about all of this is looking back. I remember saying years ago that I wanted to live like this. I wanted to be chemical free, and healthy but it seemed so overwhelming. To be on the other side of things I am realizing that it wasn't so bad at all. It took time, like all good things do. I know now that what I am putting on my body and what I am eating/drinking is helping my systems. I am giving my organs a break. I am living the life I've always wanted and that is empowering in itself.