My happy place

I have so many favorite places. Locations that I have been to that speak to me in some way, because they are peaceful, or beautiful, or unique. Have you ever heard someone reference "their happy place?"  I wonder how they could have just one. Even though I have so many I am always looking for more. Instagram is inspirational in that way because I can see the places that other people have shared, and immediately I think that might be a new favorite, I have to find out. 

Riley and I decided to try a hike in Santa Cruz, and a spot on the beach called shark fin cove. A quick scroll through instagram and a search for the locations was all we needed. We packed food for the day and set off in the jeep. The excitement was building as we drove closer to the coast, just to be outside, to hike, to see a new place. I knew exactly what we were going to do that day.

Sometimes things just don't go as planned..

When we arrived the weather changed from stereotypical California beauty to cold and windy. Rip your sunglasses off windy. I CAN'T HEAR YOU windy. We usually just take whatever weather we are dealt and hike/camp anyways but this wasn't far from home and we just decided to bail. It seems like a bummer but we were able to explore Santa Cruz a little bit more via the jeep, we had time to talk while driving, quality time that wasn't wasted. 

We headed down to shark fin cove before completely bailing on the day. This area was a little more protected from the wind, so it seemed tolerable. After looking around and watching the fishermen, we were hiking up the hill back to the parking area. One section was steep so I had my hands on the ground, looking down to not loose my footing. I walked (or crawled) right into a pipeline and hit my head! It hurt so bad and I immediately started running worst case scenarios by Riley. "Take me to the ER if any one of these symptoms occur.." He knows me and my over reacting well because he felt my head, looked at my eyes, and prescribed the best possible treatment plan: Fish tacos. 

We found a place called Johnny's Harborside and loved it! Riley placed these fish tacos in his top 2! I left them in my top 5 :P It was so nice to sit and relax after a few fails, we will just have to try again this weekend :) 

The unplanned events are the beauties, because that is when you see a person's true colors. When things go wrong, he reacts so calmly and never makes a big deal. I love that about him. After going so many places together I can finally decide on what my "happy place is."

Wherever he is.