Network marketing FAQs

I get so many messages asking what I am doing, why I left nursing, how I left etc. I went to my chiropractor appointment this morning and got a whole slew of these questions, which is why I am sitting down to answer them, this time for everyone. 

I worked as a nurse for 7 years. I became a RN so that I could help people and have a steady income. But what I didn't like was my schedule was still in someone else's control. My raises were hardly keeping up with the increase in the cost of living, I realized that there was an income ceiling. The 12 hour shifts get exhausting and I was feeling burnt out. It was even taking a toll on my health at times. I started to wonder what my life would be like with kids in the picture. Would I really see them as much as I would like to? Or would I stay home with them and cut our family's income in half? This isn't how I imagined raising a family would be like. 

Last year I was introduced to the Network marketing business model. It is so different than what we are use to because instead of trading our time for money, we work once, and get payed for that many times. It sounds great but I had some hang ups. I didn't want to be salesy. I am an introvert, so I would rather not be public speaking. I also thought I didn't have the time when working, and wanting to spend quality time with my husband. But I realized If I didn't make the time now, I may never have the time that I truly want in the bigger picture. 

Bottom line, getting involved in network marketing is one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

Here are some FAQs about this whole thing that might help you. It is different than what you are use to. My dream is that someone struggling, drowning in debt, wanting to spend more time with their family sees this and finds hope. Network marketing can change the course of your life. 

What exactly do you do? Find people who you think would benefit from the products you are passionate about and share with them. Teach them, guide them, plug them into what your company/team has already created (like resources and materials for learning). 

How many hours a week do you work and how much do you make?  This one will vary for everyone but some weeks I put in 40 hours, some more like 20. I am in the beginning stages of building. I am going to be putting a lot of hours in for very little money for a bit. This consists of personal growth, reading books, contacting people, teaching classes etc. You get to different ranks (read: promotions) based off of your team size and structure. I received three promotions in my first three months because I take it seriously.  I am currently an executive closing in on silver. See the income disclosure here.  I am very proud of this because I have worked hard for it. I understand the bigger picture, that the big money is not happening now, it will come later for the investment of my time. Someday that relationship of time for money is going to flip, and I will put in very few hours for a large paycheck. It is called the power of a team and it is worth fighting for.  I can't stress this enough. Patience and consistency will get you there, not one class, not one "oils have changed my life" post. Patience and consistency.  

Is it easy? I have two answers for this. Yes, the tasks are so easy. Reading, connecting with others, sending emails, teaching classes from a script, hanging out with friends. Comparing that to a 12 hour nursing shift, I mean, I don't think I even need to go there. But it is also hard for two reasons and I truly believe these two reasons are why people quit. 1) Self motivation. You don't have a boss (dreamy right??), you are accountable for your business hours, you have to wake up and get to work. Self motivation is hard at times.  2) The "no's" for some reason this really gets to people. When they share with their friends and don't get the result they want. My only advice for this is harsh. You just have to get over that. Why would it matter if the whole world doesn't join you?? Every brand, saint, celebrity, and organization has critics. Does that take away from them? No. Does someone else's opinion of what I do take a toll on my happiness? Absolutely not. Your job as a network marketer is to continue, with patience and consistency. When you are on an eternal vacation in a few years, the "no's" might change their mind ;) 

Isn't it a pyramid scheme? Ahh my favorite.. No. Nothing I am doing is illegal. You know what does look like a pyramid? A lot of the companies that you work for. With the CEO at the very top, and with no chance for others to make their way to that position. Network marketing is the exact opposite. Everyone willing to work for it can get that top position. And the income? There is no ceiling, it can keep growing... forever.  

Network marketing doesn't work right? I am sure you know a handful of people that have tried to sell you something, who have said they were going to make a lot of $$ doing this, who said they would never quit. And then they quit. They realized it is not an immediate return on their investment and they stopped doing what they said they were going to do. 

So network marketing doesn't work right?

Well, people don't work at it and that is what makes it fail, and gives us all the bad opinion of it. The network marketing business model is actually, in a word: amazing. You put in the work, invest your time for a few years, grow a team, and build residual income. (examples of residual income include a 401k, income property, royalties, social security).  If you treat it like a business from the beginning, you'll be retiring yourself and your significant other in a few years. Don't believe me? I can connect you with friends who have done this, who's footsteps and systems I am following. It is a 4 year career vs. a 40 year career. I know exactly what I want out of this life and which length of time I would rather work. 

I know that it is "weird." But I have never wanted to be normal :P

You are just trying to make a percentage of these orders right? Hmmm.  I was making way more as a nurse in California. So if I cared the most about my paycheck..I'd be doing that. This is so much greater than a percentage of your order. I am trying to show you something that changed my life, my health, my hopes and dreams.. to see if it could do the same for you.  Yes of course I make some money when you place an order with me. But check this out: most companies pay big bucks for shelf space, marketing and advertising. So in turn, you are paying for that. Network marketing companies take that money and make a compensation plan for people to work their way to where they want to go. They rely on word of mouth for advertising and give people like us a chance at a better life.

On the flip side: you know when you eat at an awesome restaurant and you tell people about it? That business does not give you a referral fee... so why did you do it? because you thought that friends and family would really enjoy the service and food you received. Network marketing is similar to that..telling others about the products you love, BUT you also get a referral fee. So when you buy from your network marketing friend you are supporting his/her small business. The alternative is paying for some CEO's third lake house. Or a multi million dollar crappy commercial during the super bowl. 

Do I have to get up and speak in front of people? Nope, you can do whatever you are comfortable with. Sharing with others should definitely be done in your style, with you personal touch. Snail mail, parties or gatherings, calls, or teaching classes. You can do it any which way you want. That is the beauty of this "job."

I should wait until I am an expert on the product right? This is a huge mistake. The beauty of network marketing is that you are plugging people into what is already there as far as educational materials. We can learn together. Network marketers have what's called an "upline" meaning if I don't know something, I can connect you with someone that does. We have so many resources for learning it is incredible. No one will ever know it all, so you will just end up waiting forever to begin. 

I don't know enough people so I won't be successful #1 excuse right here! I have definitely used this one in the past. But the average person actually knows about 2,000 people. There are over 7 billion people in the world. I sit in California traffic all the time. There are enough people and if you don't feel like you know enough of them, get out there and introduce yourself. You only have to know a few, who know a few, who know a few....the power of a team. It is one of the coolest things I have ever done. I have enrolled 29 people, and my team is going to cross over 100 this month. See how this works? Network marketing is amazing. 

I hope you know that my dream is to work hard and play hard. To bring others with me with this opportunity. To bless my friends and family, and the people that I come into contact with. To raise good people with my husband helping me at home. To help others and make a difference, to do missionary work without asking for time off. To help people and donate to organizations that really truly make a difference. To connect with people and live a good life. That is my intention when I am sharing about oils. I just can't put all of that into my captions ;)

If this, in any way, moved you- if you want time with your kids, that debt off of your plate, the hope of health, purpose, and change, then I really encourage you to stop watching from the sidelines, you are missing out! 

Your life can be anything you want it to be. But you can't want something without working for it.

If you are willing to work, to invest your time, and change the course of your life then we can do it together. I don't want you to miss out, or wait until I've "made it." I want you to come with me! 

If you need info on Young Living or why I chose this network marketing company above them all, go to my "oils" page and read all about that. When you are ready to do this, to jump in and make a difference - click here. This is a sign up page for you to get a "starter kit" ( I recommend the premium starter kit) and become a wholesale member. I will be reaching out to you shortly after and teaching you at any pace you would like. 

Are you ready to do this? 

Photo via Casey Wiegand. I try to always use my own in my blog and instagram but that is another excuse someone gave me: well you will get people because of your "pretty pictures". This actually made me laugh!  No one has joined my team for that reason ..and our upline, they are pretty amazing. They give us these photos (and scripts) to use freely. Cool huh?

Photo via Casey Wiegand. I try to always use my own in my blog and instagram but that is another excuse someone gave me: well you will get people because of your "pretty pictures". This actually made me laugh!  No one has joined my team for that reason ..and our upline, they are pretty amazing. They give us these photos (and scripts) to use freely. Cool huh?

Natural living combined with the opportunity of a lifetime. I am so grateful. 

Natural living combined with the opportunity of a lifetime. I am so grateful.