Fall feels

The change of seasons is when I feel the most. I get emotional thinking about the simplest little pleasures that are attached with change. Crunchy, fallen leaves swirling behind a passing car. Carving pumpkins with my siblings, and the smell of the roasting, salted seeds shortly after. The warm days and cold nights that always seem to offer me a better nights sleep. The sweet comfort of a bowl of soup, or a cup of tea.  A hike through the colorful woods, and witnessing peak colors year after year. 

This Fall, things are a little different. The stores here in CA are selling pumpkins and halloween decorations, but the weather and the dramatic changes are missing. It's strange to see palm trees and people heading to the beach in late October. My Facebook feed full of MI friends and family have me craving the season like I know it. Last weekend we made the most of our time and set out for some Fall feels. I am so glad we did because it turned out to be the perfect day. 

Half moon bay pumpkin patches, a farm to table lunch spot at "the barn," and butternut squash chai soup were the highlights of our Saturday. We brought our camera along and took a few pictures, to remember this time in our favorite way. It might not be Fall like I know it in Michigan, but it was pretty darn close.