Michigan, my home state.

My life, my memories, and most of my experiences played out in "the mitten." Michigan is near and dear to my heart, and it always will be. Moving out to California was actually an easy choice, because of the fact that Riley and I know we will go back someday. There is no date on that return ticket, but we just knew in our hearts that we would try to have some adventures before settling back in the midwest when raising a family. 

Everything from the great lakes to the small towns is what makes me love MI so much. I had all the feels when I returned home this past weekend to celebrate two amazing things happening in our family. My sister is expecting a baby girl, and my brother is marrying a California sweetheart, so we are gaining another sister <3 Both of these blessings are happening in December, so this will be a very special Christmas to remember. 

We visited Mackinac Island, and threw a baby/wedding shower at my parent's home in Wolverine. It was a quick visit but so worth it for my entire family to be back together. There is nothing better than being home <3

I have always tried not to take things for granted. I feel lucky to have my faith, my family, and all of my Michigan memories. Something that I love to say, and it has definitely been the truth over the years:

Someday these will be "the good old days."