Take a day off

A whole day dedicated to relaxing. 

Riley and I had plans to see a new place, to camp and hike and watch the sunrise from our tent. I get so excited when I have a trip to plan, and I pour over details to make the whole experience "perfect." Just as the weekend began, one email brought it to what seemed like an end. I am starting a new nursing job this week (woohoo) and I was sent last minute tests that had to be done before the weekend was over. That one email took away all of those camping daydreams.  

Confession: even though I would have loved to go (and the news was a bummer), sometimes I secretly hope that Riley will cancel plans for some reason or another, so that I can just be lazy, and soak up the glory of a day off. This weekend it was my fault for grounding us, and we both breathed a sigh of relief. Between work, travel, getting "things" organized, and prepping for a new job, life seems non stop. there is never enough time in the day.  We surrendered to the new weekend plans and decided to take advantage. I was able to get my computer work done faster than I thought, and we headed to the pool. The weather is gorgeous here in NorCal, finally!

Swimming, a lot of laughs, underwater outtakes, matcha, and naps.. This couldn't have been a better day with my love. Thank goodness for being grounded. 


Just the essentials :) 

Just the essentials :)