“You are only one decision away from a totally different life”

Honestly, it’s strange to look back and realize this whole journey started with a box of essential oils. But that’s the truth. I wanted some lavender to diffuse while planning our wedding and luckily ended up with the “starter kit:” a collection of 12 essential oils, and a diffuser, from a company that really impressed me. While most of us go through life not realizing that we apply hundreds of harmful chemicals to our bodies every day, Young Living is creating products that are the opposite of harmful. What they produce is designed for a purpose, is plant based, and safe. Young Living’s seed to seal promise is transparent, honest, and maintains the highest industry standards for us. The more I incorporated these essential oils and clean products into my life, the more my husband and I stayed above that wellness line, and our new lifestyle was born. Are we experts? No, but we know better now and we invite you to take a look at the products you are using (check ingredients with environmental working group resources, or the “think dirty” app). When you are ready to switch over, there is room for you in this wellness journey. You deserve this peace of mind that comes with safe, clean products.

Visiting the YL farm in Mona, Utah to see where some of my favorite oils are harvested and distilled.

Visiting the YL farm in Mona, Utah to see where some of my favorite oils are harvested and distilled.

As we fell in love with the products, we learned about an opportunity attached to them. To share our referral link genuinely and build a home based business. This was not a requirement (and never is), but really opened our eyes to our current path. Would it be the best option for us down the road? Could the passive income from this grow into something that we hadn’t previously thought possible? The greatest blessing that this provided us was the ability to dream again. To realize we could make a huge impact by inviting others to join us, and creating freedom lifestyles together as a team. I have never felt so much purpose in my life, as I do now. I’m a big dreamer and this has allowed me to unlock so many of my plans and ideas to help others.

All new journeys begin with that first step.


The starter kit is the best way to take that first step with us. I highly recommend the “premium starter kit” and the monthly rewards program to start swapping out the harmful chemicals in your home for safe alternatives. Begin there, and you’ll fall in love with this wellness lifestyle. I’ll give you small tips along the way, to simplify it for you. We have everything with Young Living, make up, a baby line, thieves multipurpose cleaner, ningxia red, and oils for every need.

What’s in the starter kit?

Check the graphic below to see which oils come in the kit. Click through for additional info (tip for iphone users: try a slow “double click” to transition the photos)

also included:

+ a desert mist diffuser with a one year warranty (upgrades on diffusers available)

+ access to our support groups & community. This is essential for learning how to use oils, and for connecting with experienced users that will welcome and guide you. This is where we have our online classes, DIY ideas, and get our questions answered.

+ a membership with Young Living. Everything you order as a member will be 24% off. As a member you are also eligible for our monthly rewards program.

+ a referral link, just like mine. As I mentioned above, the sharing side is optional. There are no expectations here, just wide open opportunity. This could be as simple as sharing with friends and family who also want a starter kit (you’ll earn $50 for every single one), to getting your safe products paid for monthly, or more. We have a free business mentorship and a team that wants you to succeed.

Check out the income disclosure, and a rank/income that would make a difference for your family. Keep in mind that this is residual income. Would this allow you to dream again?

+ Once your order processes, You’ll receive a welcome email, and I’ll be in touch with you to plug you into our resource groups.

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