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Everyone decides to make change in their own way, when they are ready for a healthier lifestyle. It might begin with food, exercise, mindfulness, or spirituality. My wellness journey started with a box of essential oils from Young Living. I was able to go toxin free in my home with their products, and have never looked back since then. The baby steps that these oils and my team provided were just what I needed to gain the confidence to begin. Young Living has incredible standards for the entire process that go above and beyond the other oils on the market.

+ Did you know: an oil could be “pure,” and labeled organic, but if it wasn’t distilled at the correct temperatures, it would only smell good. There would be no benefit for your body. I want oils that will do what they were designed by God to do, which is support my body. Making healthier choices means we have to do a lot of independent research to be our own advocates. Companies can fool us quite easily, and the standards/laws for labeling oils are sadly, very poor.

That’s why I choose Young Living. They have a seed to seal promise, and were created for a purpose over 20 years ago, not because oils are rising in popularity now. The Young Living founder created many of the blends for his specific health/wellness needs. He traveled the world to learn about distillation, source quality oils, and was known to constantly have his hands in the dirt out on the farms. This company is one that I am proud to stand behind. Their foundation has built homes and schools in disaster areas, educated remote communities on sustainable harvesting practices, and created income and jobs for many people. I have never been more moved to make a difference in people’s lives, and invite you to join me in this wellness, purpose and abundance opportunity.

Visiting the YL farm in Mona, Utah to see where some of my favorite oils come from.

Visiting the YL farm in Mona, Utah to see where some of my favorite oils come from.

The starter kit is the best way to begin with me and my community. I highly recommend the “premium starter kit” and the monthly rewards program to start swapping out the harmful chemicals in your home for better alternatives. We have everything, make up, a baby line, thieves multipurpose cleaner, ningxia red, and oils for every need.

What’s in the starter kit?

Check the graphic below to see which oils come in the kit. Click through for additional info (tip for iphone users: try a slow “double click” to transition the photos)

also included:

+ a desert mist diffuser with a one year warranty (upgrades on diffusers available)

+ access to our support groups & community. This is essential for learning how to use oils, and for connecting with experienced users that will welcome you and guide you. This is where we have our online classes, DIY ideas, and get our questions answered.

+ a membership with Young Living. Everything you order as a member will be 24% off. As a member you are also eligible for our monthly rewards program.

+ a referral link, just like mine. The business side is optional. There are no expectations here, only wide open opportunity. It could be as simple as sharing with friends and family who also want a kit, to getting your oils paid for, or more. We have a free business mentorship and a team that wants you to succeed. There is no downside here. Check out the income disclosure, and pick a “rank” that would make a difference for you and your family. What would it mean to you to have your bills paid for by residual income? Would it allow you to dream again?

+ Once your order processes, I’ll be in touch with you and plug you into our facebook groups.

+ Click the instagram icon below to become a part of my wellness community/follow along to see how I use these oils for my wellness lifestyle @iwishyouwellness